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CPR Series | up to 17.3 SEER2

Central Heat Pump 24 Volt System​

  • A smart HVAC system that won’t compromise comfort and connects to traditional ducted solutions.


  • 24 volt control allows this condensing unit to be connected to any indoor unit controlled by any Heat Pump Thermostat.
  • Inverter Compressor = much more reliable than a conventional type.
  • Sound level – As low as 56 DBA.
  • 50% smaller footprint than a regular condensing unit.
  • Self diagnostic.
  • Gold fin protection.
  • Can be matched with a standard air handler and A coil.
  • Low ambient temperature 5F.
  • Copper + Gold fin aluminum.


(AHU-SG2 Series)

Universal Multiposition Series Air Handler


  • Multiposition Upflow, Downflow, Horizontal left, Horizontal right.
  • Size: very compact compared to any other BRAND.
  • Controls: very versatile it can be controlled with: Any 24 volt thermostat Wifi.
  • Static pressure: will adjust automatically.
  • Compatible with existing refrigerant line set, no need to insulate both lines.
  • Heating: additional heating element kits from 5-20 kw, optional Auxiliary electric.
  • UV Light: Has a dedicated wiring port.
  • Humidifier: Has a dedicated wiring port.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Field installed heater Kits from 5 yo 25 kw
  • Aluminum tubes and fins.
  • Quite due to inverter and DC motor
  • EEV Precise control.
  • Consistent Room Temperature.
  • Automatic Airflow Adjustment.
  • Easy Fault Code Checking.
  • Nitrogen Charge and Leakage Check Valve.
  • Compatible and keep your existing line, wire and thermostat.
  • Compatible with Comfortstar wireless remote controller, programmable wired controller, central controller, Wi-Fi controller, Remote On/Off.


CPR & CPH Series

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