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ComfortStar Technical Bulletin 24V+485 AHU Wiring Connecting Guide – Scenario 1 (Recommend)

24V+485 AHU Wiring Connection Guide - Technical Bulletin No. TB230427-03
Scenario 1 (Recommended)

Learn how to correctly connect the AHU-SG2 Air Handler to a CPR or CPH Side Discharge Condensing Unit with the ComfortStar thermostat in Scenario 1 of the 24V+485 AHU Wiring Connection Guide (Technical Bulletin No. TB230427-03).

You can access this bulletin by clicking here or through the ComfortStar Tech Support Mobile App in the APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY under technical bulletins.

  • In Scenario #1, connect the thermostat to HA and HB on the display board and the condenser cables to S1 and S2 on the main board of the AHU-SG2.
  • For the CPR or CPH Side Discharge Condensing Unit, attach S1 and S2 on the top terminal board, clearly marked.
  • Ensure all DIP switches are in the off position (switched to the bottom).
  • When the unit is powered on, the board should display 00.
  • Once the thermostat is activated, your settings will appear on the AHU-SG2 display board, and in Scenario 1, the blower motor will start running within seconds.
  • In this setup, the blower motor will run continuously even after the desired temperature is reached; only by physically turning off the thermostat can you stop the blower motor.

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