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Light Commercial

25.5 SEER High Efficiency

Platinum Applications

• Office
• Retail
• Industrial
• Healthcare

• Compact Design
• Energy Efficient
• -13°F Low Ambient Temperature


Platinum Light Commercial Combinations

Platinum Expanded Features:

  •  Low Ambient: Capable of producing comfortable
  • Heating and cooling to outdoor ambient
    temperatures as low as -13°F.
  •  Manual Power Switch: Power unit ON/OFF
    using button located at the evaporator.
  • Interactive Display shows:
    – Error codes based on system failure.
    – Service codes if your filter needs cleaning.
    – Error code if refrigerant leak is detected.
    – When unit goes into auto defrost.
  •  Self-Diagnosis: Unit will shut down and go into
    protection mode if it detects abnormalities.
    The display will show an error code depending
    on the type of protection the unit is in.
  •  Bypass Mode: Unit will continue to operate if
    a non-critical component fails, such as a sensor.
  •  2-Way Draining Option: Ability to place drain hose
    on either left or right hand side of evaporator
    allows for flexible installation design.
  • 3 Directional Airflow: Air flow is directed so that
    it reaches more surface area including the corners
    of the room being conditioned.
  • Mute Operation: Silence from the Remote Control.
  • Follow Me Function: Remote Control has a
    sensor built in. In this mode, the unit will sense
    the temperature at the Remote Control instead
    of at the indoor unit for the set temperature.
  • Controls: Wired Controls (optional)
    WiFi Control – Cool Link installed in unit (optional)

TIP - TPA Expanded Features:

  • Indoor Cassette Type
  • Compact Design
  • Concealed Ceiling Unit
  • Quiet Operation
  • 360° Air Discharge
  • Wireless Remote Control (standard)
  • Programable Wired Remote
  • Wired Wall Remote (optional)
  • Available Fresh Air Intake
  • Integrated lift Pump (29” head)
  • Wi-Fi Compatible

FPA Features:

  • Indoor Floor/Ceiling Type
  • Flexible Design – Horizontal or Vertical Installation
  • Compact Design
  • Quiet Operation
  • Louver Swing Function to Disperse Air Flow
  • Wireless Remote Control (standard)
  •  Wired Control (optional)