CHD-14 Series | UP TO 14 SEER


CHD-14 Features:

  • 24V low voltage communication connection is much safer than others and it is easier to connect to other brand indoor units.
  • Sensor T3(condenser pipe temperature): When open-circuit/short-circuit, compressor, fan motor and reverse valve will be OFF.
  • Discharge temperature protection.
  • High pressure protection.
  • In stand-by status, the compressor will not start in low pressure protection.
  • In 20mins, if 3 times protection occurs, it will restore after power cut-down.
  • The condensing unit is designed to be compatible with a majority of main brands of household evaporator coils or air handlers.
  • New SEER 14 condensing unit adopts completely new cabinet appearance design with high market recognition and stronger structure.
  • The concealed stop valve design could protect the stop valve effectively from accidental operation.